I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me about shaping. Avocado did so well today in her second agility class and our shaping foundation is so helpful here! fun fun fun!
Thanks so much for inviting me to help out with the puppies. It was a very interesting process and it really helps me better understand the differences in puppies even from the same litter. I had a great time!
Thank you for such a great class, as always! You are very inspiring and positive, and Trixie and I are thriving because of you. I appreciate you so much.
Louis the Pug and I want to thank you for the training session last evening at Kingsbury Animal. We both found it very helpful.
I was the woman with the family (with the Border Collie mix and Terrier mix) last night at your training session. We left somewhat quickly because my girls still had some homework, and I thought the other dog, Wally, might be more comfortable with us out of the way as he left. We all felt we learned a lot that we could immediately put to use, and my younger daughter stayed up late because she was so motivated to learn to use the clicker, which she did beautifully. I wanted to let you know that I am a psychologist, and so had a professional appreciation for your ability to help us get inside, so to speak, our dogs’ minds and hearts.
Thank you so much for helping me and Gilbert in class last night! To quote Marcia …. “I want to be Lucy when I grow up!” The chill exercise made so much of what we are trying to do with our dogs clearer. Building the relationship of trust and teamwork! I forwarded the e-mail I wrote to Barb to you and Lorraine. It describes the experience from my point of view. You may find it boring because you were there. It just meant so much to me and I wanted to share it with Barb and Lorraine. You are the awesomest!!!
I’d forwarded your training suggestions to Kris. The impressive part is not that the plan worked but a mom with young kids and a relatively new puppy got it to work. Ozzy is getting along with a visiting dog and doesn’t get excited when other dogs appear. I guess the fact he’s a pup can mean he hasn’t been presenting the undesired behavior for a long time so there’s not a long history. Anyway, good for Kris, good for Ozzy, and good job by you. Thanks.
Ross and I want to thank you for so generously taking your time to talk to us about Stella last night. We’ve both been seeing Stella’s behavior in a new light since our conversation with you, and are definitely starting to have some insights about things that may be causing her stress and anxiety.  
Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy life and spending it volunteering to educate others in the science of learning, dog training and respecting the animals we share our lives with.  

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