Introduction to Clicker-Training Program

Learn how to communicate with your dog to get the behavior you want and manage your dog to prevent the behavior you do not want. This 90-minute session will provide you with what you need to get started on the path to peace with your dog.

Mondays 7:00 to 8:30 pm at Kingsbury Animal Hospital.

Register by contacting Kingsbury Animal Hospital, (314) 721-6251.
Fee: $25. Limited to 4 dogs per session.

In-Home Training

Lucy (and often an apprentice) will come to your home for private training.
Main area of service is within about five miles of Forest Park. For locations outside this area there may be a fee for additional travel time.
To initiate an appointment complete the Questionnaire at Come Click! Dog Training or call (314) 973-5191.

Fee: $100 per hour. Payment by check or cash is expected at the time of service.

Options include:

Behavior Solution Starter Conference

  • Learn how to communicate with your dog to get the behavior you want and manage your dog to prevent the behavior you do not want.
  • How would you like your dog to behave?

Individual Coaching

  • Support in teaching your dog whatever you need it to know.
  • How would you like your dog to behave?

Finding a New Companion

  • Bringing a new dog into your life is similar to getting married. Avoid the pitfalls of a mail-order bride and identify a companion who will be compatible to you and your lifestyle.
  • How would you like your dog to behave?

Preparing for a New Companion

  • Avoid confusing your new friend by setting up for success before the day of arrival.
  • Prevent unwanted behavior and reinforce desired behavior from the very first moment in your home.
  • How would you like your dog to behave?

Aptitude Testing (for 7-week old pups)

  • Breeders can learn about the individual characteristics of each puppy in a litter. This information can help place puppies in the home best-suited to each puppy and each new owner.

Classes and Group Events

Dog Training Skills

In these classes, your dog learns new behaviors while you learn how to do the training. The focus is on new training skills developed through opportunities for individual practice and seminars for group problem solving. Topics are covered on a five-week rotation and classes may be joined at any point in the rotation for five weeks at a time. After mastering the skills at Level 1, trainers may move up through four additional levels. Trainers who master the first few levels will develop a special relationship with their dog. Trainers and dogs who have mastered the Level 5 skills will be ready to perform in public or in competitions.

Classes by Greater St.Louis Training Club.

Lucy has been a member of Greater St. Louis Training Club since 1965. This club has been a leader in force-free training in the Saint Louis area. As a volunteer, Lucy leads some classes there. She highly recommends all classes lead by the dedicated club volunteers.

Puppy classes by Greater St. Louis Training Club

Ten days after your puppy’s first vaccinations it is eligible for Puppy Kindergarten. As a breeder, Lucy knows that there is no substitute for carefully planned social experiences for puppies during the developmental window that closes at 16 weeks of age. Lucy takes all of her puppies to these classes and recommends them for all puppies.

Come Click! Events

Watch the web site for announcements of special meetings and seminars.

Occasionally group outings are offered for current clients and their dogs.