Having trouble getting the behavior you are looking for from your dog? Often we are so eager to get moving toward our goals that we try to get the dog to do something in response to our actions instead of waiting for the dog to offer behavior. Next time you find yourself in this situation, try waiting. As long as your dog is doing anything you can find something to click and treat. This serves to remind the dog that it is a full participant in the training game. Once the dog is clicked for something, it is more likely to offer more behaviors. Now you can click for behavior that is closer to your goal and wait again when offered behavior is less like what you want.

Of course, success depends on having the clicker basics in place. The click has to be carefully timed, the reinforcer needs to be of interest to the dog in the existing circumstances, the trainer needs to remain still until delivering the reinforcer after the click and to position the reinforcer thoughtfully. Trust the dog to notice what is getting clicked and what is not. Be sure to take frequent breaks so the dog can process its observations. Then watch the dog offer the behavior that will keep you clicking and treating. Soon you will see your goal behavior.