With few exceptions all services are provided by video conference.

Begin with a FREE 30-minute phone consultation

Schedule an appointment to discuss your training challenges with Lucy. Find out more about the options she has to offer and whether they are right for you and your dog.

Private lessons by video conference

Many training needs can be successfully addressed remotely. Initial appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes. After that, meetings may be 15, 30 or 45 minutes, as needed.

Fees are $100 per hour, invoiced by PayPal.

Most Popular Offerings

Training Skills

This is a course in five levels designed to teach you the skills to train your dog to do anything it is capable of doing. The focus is on the trainer skills rather than on what the dog is learning. The skills practiced in these classes can be used in any type of training. Pet owners enjoy learning how to communicate more effectively with their dogs.  People who participate in dog sports have an opportunity to fine-tune their training skills for even greater success. The curriculum is supported with written materials and students progress at their own pace.

New Puppy Basics

Start early for best results! This program is for puppies up to 12 weeks old. If possible, begin before the new puppy comes home. Be prepared to make the most of the important developmental stage that extends from three to twelve weeks. Coaching includes setting up the learning environment, crate training, introduction to clicker training, socialization goals and successful exposures to novel stimuli.

Other Options Available

Introductory Seminar

Learn more about clicker training and solving common behavior problems. This single visit program will be charged as an hour although it may go a bit longer.

Specific Problems

How to use clicker training to reduce jumping up, pulling on leash, barking, etc.

Finding the right dog for you

Advice and assistance in deciding what to look for in your next companion.

Preparing for a new dog

Suggestions on how to set up your home, select equipment, establish a routine and begin training for success.

AKC Tricks evaluations by video

Find out more here: https://www.akc.org/sports/trick-dog/

In-person options in the Anchorage, Alaska area only:

Aptitude Testing for 7-week-old puppies

Geared to breeders and foster raisers to help make decisions about placing puppies in homes where they are most likely to succeed.

AKC CGC Evaluations

For individuals or groups in need of an evaluator.

Fees for in-person services are individually negotiated.